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    Add a taste to your lifestyle Add a taste to your lifestyle Add a taste to your lifestyle
    Add a taste to your lifestyle Add a taste to your lifestyle Add a taste to your lifestyle



    y becoming a member of the ZYAAKA Community, you will receive handpicked jewelry items from our exclusive collections, as well as items already on retail display. Members also gain access to discounts and promotions in jewelry products, affiliated products, and more.



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    What are the benefits?

    Higher Value

    Every month you will receive your membership box containing jewelry pieces with a higher value than the cost of the subscription, worth at least double the value. 

    A tasteful variation of jewelry is always selected, ensuring that you receive pieces that can go together, mismatched or worn alone.

    The network

    Have access to discounts, promotions, free tips and more from our sister companies and affiliate members. This includes web design & development, hosting, branding, graphic design, business logistics, and more retail products spanning various industries and markets.
    New opportunities and announcements are made to all members via email and on our social media posts. Or, you can just visit our site and check out the “For Members Only” deals.

    The Brand

    With Zyaaka, you can receive deliveries with confidence knowing that you will get quality jewelry pieces that are attractive, trendy, and that adds a different flavor to your lifestyle.

    So, you can enjoy opening your packages knowing you’re associated with a brand that uses only ethical manufacturing while it supports its entrepreneurial community by providing genuine encouragement, service discounts, free tips, advice and business guidance to women and persons all across America.

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