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    Our affiliates make profits by promoting & selling our inventory while we manage all the shipping, customer service and company logistics. 

    How to start

    It’s as simple as these 3 steps – 

    1. Apply to affiliate by filling out a form.
    2. Once approved, you receive affiliate links along with content, tips and discounts for your marketing & promotion so that you can make more sales on your website or social media account.
    3. Keep track of all of your sales while you receive commission for each one you make with our affiliate dashboard.


    The Value of the Jewelry Industry in the US 2022

    It’s time to delve into one of the fastest growing lifestyle industries in the international and domestic market.

    Apply by filling out this form and get a reply within 3 business days.

      A New York Based Company

      · Quality Products · Modern Elegant Branding · Efficient Company Logistics · Strong Digital Presence ·

      “Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world.”

      Oprah Winfrey

      Commission from Total Revenue up to
      Your Profit 21.5%

      From Total Revenue

      From our end, we cover the following essential expenses:


      Account & Site Maintenance

      Product Shipping

      Staff Employment

      Inventory Shipping & Storage

      Customer Service

      Content Creation

      Online Site Fees

      Company Fees & Taxes

      Legal Fees & Insurance

      How much can I really earn, and is it realistic?

      Not to be cliché, but you can make as much as you strive to. Being that we provide quality products under a quality brand with attentive and consistent customer service so that all affiliates can promote Zyaaka with full confidence. In a multi-billion dollar industry, by targeting a small percentage of that market any affiliate can make significant income ranging from a moderate passive income to a substantial life altering surplus. 

      The average customer purchases at least 2-3 items per order and can be making the profit ratio higher naturally due to the average volume purchase. 

      Memberships can be extremely profitable and probably the most efficient sale to make for your efforts. You get a % from each membership sold, meanwhile you continue to make money off of every membership paid for the next 6 months from that customer. So essentially, that one membership sale gets you the same value as 6 sales.

      If you plan on promoting with your social media account:

      You just add the link to your profile, bio, ads, reel, post etc. and every time a customer clicks it and decides to make a purchase, you get your commission. 

      We provide you with content, guidance and marketing tips that you need to make sales. 

      If you have or will create your own online store:

      Affiliates can add product pictures and descriptions to their websites and add the Zyaaka link to get commissions. 

      We provide you with site content, guidance and marketing tips that you need to make sales.

      Find out about TIME Edition Memberships, which gain cash value with time with other benefits.

      Selling Memberships

      You get 10% of each membership sold with recurring commissions.

      This means you earn commission profit each month for 6 months following the customer’s first payment, as long as the member’s subscription is active. Have your sales become passive income while we continue to process all the sales.

      “Wear a fabulous smile, great jewelry and know that you are totally and utterly in control.”
      Donatella Versace
      Fashion Designer

      What are the restrictions with how you market?

      To be an ideal affiliate, you must market and promote Zyaaka through sincere advertisements and content to audiences that already know you and/or your brand. Recommendations of our products should always come from authenticity.

      We expect every affiliate to always promote our products, brand name and image with honest content that sincerely depicts what we offer with professionalism and courtesy.

      When you become a Zyaaka affiliate, you’ll get access to marketing content such as; videos, images, emails, and social media posts to share which will limit the opportunity of misrepresentation while adding authenticity to your promotion.

      When you run paid search campaigns, the targeting restriction is that you are not allowed to bid on branded keyword search terms, such as a name or alias known enough that the public may confuse you mistakenly for this other person/brand.

      Do not impersonate anyone or any brand in the process of promoting Zyaaka and its products, or try to trick people into thinking your company is anything other than what it actually is. If you do, you will receive a cease and desist letter and be banned from the partner program. Unsolicited emails are not permitted as well. These are emails to potential customers that they have not requested, opted in for, or agreed to receiving from you or your company. Unsolicited emails will be considered spam and against Zyaaka policy.

      Features & Benefits:

      $25 affiliate referrals: Earn $25 for each friend who’s approved and joins our Affiliate Program. 

      Earn 2% commission on every sale your referred affiliate makes

      Dedicated affiliate manager

      Monthly updates for news, discounts, & content creative assets

      Affiliates get EARLY NOTICE on upcoming holiday offers and evergreen Free

      Incentives to help with marketing, branding, business logistics, and web development

      Lucrative affiliate incentives & bonuses

      Customer Benefits:

      Exclusive offers throughout the year

      Fast, secure and easy to use platform with all the needed information readily on display. 

      Free shipping on all domestic orders over US $100.

      Payments can be made using all major credit cards, STRIPE and PayPal.

      No unsolicited emails – Every ad will feel organic and come just in time, not an interruption.

      Who is this best suited for?

      Influencers and Professional Affiliate Marketers

      Agencies, freelancers, consultants, moms, and wives

      & anyone wanting a side hustle using their promotion and marketing skills.

      Who is this best suited for?

      Influencers and Professional Affiliate Marketers

      Agencies, freelancers, and consultants, moms, wives

      & anyone wanting a side hustle using their promotion and marketing skills.


      Affiliates select the payment method best suited for them and begin to receive their commission payments after sales begin.

      Our payment methods include STRIPE, PayPal and wire bank transfer.

      All payments will be commissioned to affiliates after reaching their target sale amounts that will be displayed on their affiliate dashboard.


      It’s always best to, from the very start, get clear who does what.
      With our affiliates, Zyaaka does all the heavy lifting. You market and promote the Zyaaka brand and products by posting, advertising and gaining online sales using our link.
      This means that you make social media ads, reels, stories, posts, comments, twitter posts, YouTube videos, use your influence to generate sales, post ads on your website or purchase ad space on other platforms etc. while we process it all and get the transaction done.
      We take care of the shipping and every other aspect that comes after the customer makes an order. Which include the overhead expenses, inventory, storage, maintenance, effort, logistic coordination, and staff.


      Using our affiliate user dashboard, powered by linkshare, you will have all relevant information and communications access that an affiliate will need. Any additional questions or comments, then you can always contact us directly.

      What is the referral cookie life?

      The referral cookie life is 30 days. If someone who clicks on your link purchases products during the 30 days from the first referred visit, the conversion will be counted


      As you already know by now, what you do is market and promote the products and services while we handle the customer and everything after you make the initial sale. So to help you promote, we provide you, in addition to brand product content, access to discounts on marketing, branding, web design/development services. This includes but not limited branding consultations, marketing building & coordination with one-on-one guidance planning with an expert and more. Also always be on the lookout for shout outs and additional promotion via our social media accounts and affiliates, directing them to you.
      The more content you post in our promotion, the more repost and affiliate support you will receive.

      How does Zyaaka work through linkshare?

      Our efficient and customer friendly sales process for affiliates:

      When you or your brand refers people to zyaaka.com using the custom affiliate link, we place a tracking pixel on their device using a 3rd-party tracking platform (Linkshare). They track all your visitors, clicks and sales. Everything is reported daily and made available for your review as you please on your affiliate dashboard.
      When users visit websites that are part of the Google ad network, or social sites like Facebook, they will see our ads. If they click on one of our ads and make a purchase, you will earn your commission.
      When users subscribe to our emailing list, they will receive new offers as well, which contribute to your commissions.
      30-day cookie – If they come back and buy within 30 days, you will earn a commission.

      Does your business have any complementary products and audiences?

      If you’re an entrepreneur or a business with retail products, then you can easily add complementary offers and earn per referral while dealing with none of the hassles of order processing and shipping.

      Earn More

      Think about it…

      With less than a dozen affiliate referrals that actively sell, you can earn hundreds, if not more, worth of passive income every month.

      Just refer to people that you know have influence, reach, marketing skill, or simply drive and ambition, and you can continue earning from commissions from each for a substantial upgrade from whatever current lifestyle you have today.