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    About Us

    who we are

    Authentic to Our Core

    This is what we do

    Zyaaka, a New York based company, provides affordable aesthetics of jewelry pieces made from 18 kt gold-plated stainless steel, sterling silver, Gold Vermeil & more with its own fast and most secure online store platform for members & all audiences.

    The Journey

    The Concept & Development Zyaaka

    “Zyaaka '' represents the distinctive taste that every person possesses, emphasizing individuality with value that's unhindered by price tags. It derives from the Urdu word for flavor and taste; ziaka.

    Long Story Short

    From Scratch

    Born & raised in New York City, I’ve always had a natural passion for beauty and fashion. My goal was to be my own boss, an entrepreneur and a business owner, although school was too expensive and getting outside help was an unrealistic option. So I decided to learn it all on my own, through courses and first-hand experience to equip myself with what I’d need to succeed in my entrepreneurial journey.

    This meant leaving behind my more traditional and secure option of becoming a pharmacist. To launch successfully, I acquired and implemented the necessary skills needed, such as branding, digital design, marketing, & business logistics.


    Gearing up

    The various skills and experience that I’ve gained throughout the years empowered my co-founding & launching of MUSELE LLC, which would run my various ventures. PULSE BEAUTY, for aesthetic beauty services, Innovize Here, for web design and branding, & ZYAAKA, for an online jewelry shop. All working cohesively in separate but relatable industries. Encouraging trust from investors by creating TIME Edition plans that can generate an immediate increase in value.

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    Growth & Development

    The idea of feeling beautiful and looking lavish is something for every woman and individual to enjoy, not exclusive to just the highest earners. .

    I love to look lavish and elegant while being able to switch up to a completely distinct style. See, I’ve always had an affection for gold-plated Jewelry that were bold pieces and dainty silver pieces because it allowed me to get a quantity of options for every outfit.

    So now I provide quality gold-plated jewelry that lets you pick a variation of designs, colors and styles while remaining affordable and the best quality for your dollar.

    The name Zyaaka was influenced by me having been brought up in an Urdu-speaking household, as my family and I are of Pakistani descent. It represents the flavor and spice that every individual adds to their lifestyle by sprinkling a few aesthetic jewelry pieces.

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    What We Offer

    Monthly Subscription Memberships

    We carry a vibe. It’s aesthetically pleasing to browse & shop at our online store and pick pieces to keep broadening your jewelry collection and keep looking stylish. But we all know, you can NEVER have enough jewelry. 

    That’s why I decided to create the Zyaaka Jewelry Subscription Membership.

    3 different options of membership sets to choose from. Whichever monthly plan you want to get on, you’ll be worry-free and will receive a package every month!

    Members receive monthly boxes with jewelry pieces exclusive to the membership collections and not on retail that uniquely complement your fashion style.

    Quality • Style • Flavor

    Earn from home

    Affiliate Program

    For my fellow entrepreneurs and boss babes, I understand how impractical and difficult it may seem to become an entrepreneur and wanting to be your own boss. Let’s face it, it’s not easy, especially in the midst of keeping up with bills and 9-5 job schedules.

    Many dreams stop here, before they become goals.

    So I established the Zyaaka Affiliate Program to focus on affiliate’s benefits to create true sustainability. The Zyaaka system is successful because we allow a high enough commission percentage for any affiliate to make a living from marketing while we handle sales as a realistic option for a significant source of income, all while providing marketing benefits to increase your sales

    You market when you please, where you please, using our content at your disposal, really turning you into your own boss. 

    Earn Passively

    Special Memberships

    Zyaaka ALSO offers special TIME Edition Memberships that increase in value over time. This option is a limited offer and might not be for everyone, but is a Zyaaka guarantee safe purchase. 

    TIME Edition memberships come with an exclusive aesthetics box, benefits and your value card which increases in value as time goes by, and you can cash in later.

    My sole purpose of creating this special membership is to further encourage and empower women and all individuals alike to feel and be more in control of your lives by offering you affordable and practical earning methods and skills. These skills are provided via free tips, advice, brand guidance, training course discounts, web development opportunities and more which can be used to start and successfully launch your own business in any industry you so choose. The best part is the value card payouts, you’ll clearly be able to see how special this membership is!

    Where we’re going

    The Zyaaka Vision ahead

    Our long term goal is to establish an expansive network of affiliates, entrepreneurs, and passive income earners to create more socioeconomic balance in our societies. Then, rather than only partnering with affiliated companies, we will become more self-sufficient by incorporating our own jewelry manufacturing as well. This will vastly increase and diversify the aesthetic products that we sell to enable a larger earning market for all, while continuing to provide attractive, quality jewelry at prices that everyone can afford.

    We’ll always be grateful and excited to participate in adding to a culture where you can feel glamorous and extravagant on a daily basis, with a realistic and modest budget.


    A Quick Look

    Zyaaka is committed to gain the trust from our customers, members and investors by striving to profit only by providing quality products and secure platforms.

    Promising long term sustainability by remaining socially conscious in our governance, in how we conduct marketing and how we support our communities. Especially through our fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses. Always responsible in our approach.

    We remain diligent in our pursuit to lower our environmental fingerprint overall. This includes not only finding ethically compliant suppliers and manufacturers but also adhering to, and expecting our suppliers to as well, the compliance policy agreements to ensure responsible practices.

    Although our printing and packaging already come from suppliers that live by eco-friendly standards, we continue to improve our methods and practices by hoping to eliminate any non-biodegradable waste, regardless how small.

    Zyaaka supports our entrepreneurial community and network of small businesses, specifically women and individuals wishing to earn a living on their own accord, with genuine encouragement, skill training and benefits that you or anyone may ever need to design, develop, launch and expand your business.

    Always striving to Enliven, Embolden & Empower.

    We are very proud of the programs and assistance that we provide customers, affiliates and members with our training availability, marketing and digital development benefits, discounts, tips, advice via our social platforms, blogs, and sister companies.

    Transparency and ethical practices are standard for Zyaaka. We understand that for success to have true longevity, we need roots deep within our community and market. This is only accomplished with honest, responsible practices and treating the people that make us into a reality with respect.

    We will remain inclusive in how we hire and treat our staff, while continuing to adopt practices and policies that improve the overall health and beauty of the planet and the people in it, both environmentally and socially.

    About Our Products

    Beauty, style, and quality are pillars in our selection process for every piece in our collections, though we’re also proactive in making sure the entire process is up to par with Zyaaka standards.

    Responsible Production

    Our products will always have full genuine and accurate descriptions and materials. We emphasize the use of conflict free diamonds, conflict free gold and only materials acquired through ethical means and practices. We also only conduct trade with suppliers and businesses that do not use any type of child labor or any abusive labor as indicated by the ILO and any good conscious practices.

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    You earn 7% commission for any sales that happen from your referred traffic. Little effort, big reward!

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